ANSLib: A scientific computing toolkit supporting rapid numerical solution of practically any PDE. High-order Accurate Solution of Problems in Computational Aerodynamics. The most important part of a numerical simulation program is the module that encodes the physics of the process being simulated. After all, if this module is incorrect or makes invalid assumptions, the results of the entire program will not be physically correct. Programming the physics modules is therefore clearly a task for problem-domain experts with a deep understanding of the physical phenomena being simulated. The remainder of the simulation program is best written by experts in discretization methods and numerical techniques. A well-designed software toolkit can separate the physics and numerics modules of a simulation program. Using such a toolkit, developers with a strong knowledge of a physical problem but no knowledge of unstructured mesh discretization methods can write accurate, efficient numerical simulation software with comparatively modest effort. A side benefit of such a code is that a properly-written physics package can be used with both structured and unstructured meshes. We have developed a research code (called the Advanced Numerical Simulation Library [!ANSLib]) that implements such a separation scheme. This solver requires as user input only the core physics of the problem --- physical fluxes, boundary conditions, source terms, and initial conditions. High-order accurate solution interpolation, flux integration, and time advance are done within a generic framework.

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