2DCPackGen: a problem generator for two-dimensional rectangular cutting and packing problems. Cutting and packing problems have been extensively studied in the literature in recent decades, mainly due to their numerous real-world applications while at the same time exhibiting intrinsic computational complexity. However, a major limitation has been the lack of problem generators that can be widely and commonly used by all researchers in their computational experiments. In this paper, a problem generator for every type of two-dimensional rectangular cutting and packing problems is proposed. The problems are defined according to the recent typology for cutting and packing problems proposed by G. Wäscher et al. [ibid. 183, No. 3, 1109–1130 (2007; Zbl 1278.90347)] and the relevant problem parameters are identified. The proposed problem generator can significantly contribute to the quality of the computational experiments run with cutting and packing problems and therefore will help improve the quality of the papers published in this field.