MixLog: A generalized rule-based languages MixLog is a simple generalization of Prolog, deductive databases, and other rule-based systems. We show how both Prolog and deductive database programs can be coded directly in MixLog; both SLD resolution and bottom-up execution compute the fixpoint of a common rewriting operator. We then show that MixLog can be translated into Prolog with embedded implications in clause bodies, provided rule consumption is used on embedded implications (linear implication) and factoring is used on goal sets. We identify goal consumption as all important feature of Prolog and related formalisms. Lastly, we extend the language by giving the programmer control over rule consumption and production, variable scoping, goal selection, and backtracking. Our main aim is to devise a minimal generalization of Prolog that can also express bottom-up, reactive rule firing. An auxiliary aim is to explore the space of rule-based languages.

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  1. Smith, Donald A.: MixLog: A generalized rule-based languages (1997)