ESOLID: a system for exact boundary evaluation. We present a system, ESOLID, that performs exact boundary evaluation of low-degree curved solids in reasonable amounts of time. ESOLID performs accurate Boolean operations using exact representations and exact computations throughout. The demands of exact computation require a different set of algorithms and efficiency improvements than those found in a traditional inexact floating-point based modeler. We describe the system architecture, representations, and issues in implementing the algorithms. We also describe a number of techniques that increase the efficiency of the system based on lazy evaluation, use of floating-point filters, arbitrary floating-point arithmetic with error bounds, and lower-dimensional formulation of subproblems. ESOLID has been used for boundary evaluation of many complex solids. These include both synthetic datasets and parts of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle designed using the BRL-CAD solid modeling system. It is shown that ESOLID can correctly evaluate the boundary of solids that are very hard to compute using a fixed-precision floating-point modeler. In terms of performance, it is about an order of magnitude slower as compared to a floating-point boundary evaluation system on most cases.

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