It is an open-source software, designed to work with H2-matrices. Matrices, close to H2-matrices, often appear in different physical problems (i.e. described as integral equations or particle-to-particle interactions). Special structure of such matrices enables representation with relatively small number of parameters and sparse-like arithmetics. You can get more information on it in the book [H2matrix-book]. h2tools is distributed as a Python module, which works with both major revisions of Python (i.e. 2.7.10 and 3.5 versions are succesfully tested for compatibility). It has h2tools.collections submodule with predefined classes for different types of problems. h2tools supports vector/matrix/tensor kernels and MPI parallel factorization and matrix-vector operations. [H2matrix-book] Hackbusch W., Khoromskij B., Sauter S.A. On H2-matrices.—Springer, 2000.

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