MIND-BEST: Web Server for Drugs and Target Discovery; Design, Synthesis, and Assay of MAO-B Inhibitors and Theoretical−Experimental Study of G3PDH Protein from Trichomonas gallinae. We developed the web server MIND-BEST (http://miaja.tic.udc.es/Bio-AIMS/MIND-BEST.php) to predict drug−target pairs with an accuracy of 94.4%/94.9% for training/validation series. We illustrate the use of this server for prediction, synthesis, characterization, and pharmacological assay of anti-Parkinson MAO-A/B inhibitors. We also use the server to study different peptides of proteins present in proteome of human parasite Trichomonas gallinae after sampling, parasite culture, 2-DE, MALDI-TOF and -TOF/TOF MS, MASCOT, and LOMETS 3D structure study.