MyCoG.NET: A Multi-Language CoG Toolkit. Grid application developers utilize Commodity Grid (CoG) toolkits to access Globus Grid services. Existing CoG toolkits are language-specific and have, for example, been developed for Java, Python and the Matlab scripting environment. In this paper we describe MyCoG.NET, a CoG toolkit supporting multi-language programmability under the Microsoft .NET framework. MyCoG.NET provides a set of classes and APIs to access Globus Grid services from languages supported by the .NET Common Language Runtime. We demonstrate its programmability using FORTRAN, C++, C# and Java, and discuss its performance over LAN and WAN infrastructures. We present a Grid application, in the field of experimental aerodynamics, as a case study to show how MyCoG.NET can be exploited. We demonstrate how scientists and engineers can create and use domain-specific workflow activity sets for rapid application development using Windows Workflow Foundation. We also show how users can easily extend and customize these activities.

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