XPERANTO: A Middleware for Publishing Object-Relational Data as XML Documents. The eXtended Markup Language (XML) is quickly emerging as the universal format for publishing and exchanging data on the World Wide Web. As a result, data sources, including object-relational databases, are now faced with a new class of users and applications; customers and programs that would like to deal directly with XML data rather than being forced to deal with the data source’s particular (e.g., objectrelational) schema and query language. The goal of the XPERANTO middleware project is to support this new class of users and applications. XPERANTO does this by providing query-able ”XML Views” over the underlying objectrelational database. Users can then query and (re)structure XML data using an XML query language, without having to deal with the underlying SQL tables and query language. The XPERANTO system translates XML-based queries into SQL requests, receives the tabular query results, converts them into XML, and then returns XML documents to the system’s users and applications

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