MultiWiBi: the multilingual wikipedia bitaxonomy project. We present MultiWiBi, an approach to the automatic creation of two integrated taxonomies for Wikipedia pages and categories written in different languages. In order to create both taxonomies in an arbitrary language, we first build them in English and then project the two taxonomies to other languages automatically, without the help of language-specific resources or tools. The process crucially leverages a novel algorithm which exploits the information available in either one of the taxonomies to reinforce the creation of the other taxonomy. Our experiments show that the taxonomical information in MultiWiBi is characterized by a higher quality and coverage than state-of-the-art resources like DBpedia, YAGO, MENTA, WikiNet, LHD and WikiTaxonomy, also across languages. MultiWiBi is available online at

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  1. Flati, Tiziano; Vannella, Daniele; Pasini, Tommaso; Navigli, Roberto: MultiWiBi: the multilingual Wikipedia bitaxonomy project (2016)