FluidProp is the ultimate thermodynamic property library. It lets you compute the thermodynamic and transport properties, like enthalpy, entropy, speed of sound, and many others. These properties are computed using the latest physical models and are therefore highly accurate and predictive. FluidProp includes models that provide: accurate properties close to the critical point, direct computation of the critical point of mixtures, advanced and efficient algorithms for phase equilibria. FluidProp comes with a large variety of fluids and fluid mixtures. Extra fluids can be added upon request. So if you are working with a new or poorly known fluid, you can contact us to add it to the FluidProp database (either to the general database or only to your personal instance). In addition, FluidProp allows easy integration with modeling environments. Thanks to its COM interface, it takes only a few clicks to integrate FluidProp with most of the common computational environments, like MS Excel, Matlab, Maple, Fluent, etc.