REMAP3D, a Conservative Three-Dimensional Remapping Code. This report describes a code for performing conservative remapping between two three-dimensional meshes, each composed of arbitrary hexahedral cells. By remapping we mean the conservative transfer or interpolation of data from one mesh to another. The remapping is ”second-order accurate,” by which we mean that the density distribution for each quantity to be remapped is assumed to be a linear function within each cell of the original mesh. The determination of the gradient of such quantities within each cell, and the ”limiting” of such gradients to avoid non-monotonic behavior is considered a part of this remapping. In the interest of generality, the code is composed of three modules: the remapping module, and pre- and post-processing modules. The remapping module is intended to be a ”black box” to be called by some arbitrary program in a variety of applications, provided the remapper’s underlying assumptions are met, and the pre-processing and post-processing modules are intended to perform the necessary data translations and other functions required to match the data structure assumptions of the remapping module to those of the calling program. Thus, the pre- and post-processing modules may be heavily modified by each user while the remapping module should remain unchanged. This report will concentrate on describing the remapping module, with sufficient information provided so that users will be able to construct their own pre- and post-processing modules. 7 refs., 5 figs.

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