YAQUI: an arbitrary Lagrangian--Eulerian computer program for fluid flow at all speeds. A numerical fluid-dynamics computing technique is presented that com- bines the Implicit Continuous-fluid Eulerian (ICE) and the Arbitrary Lagranglan-Eulerinc (AIE) methods. An implicit treatment of the pressure equation similar to that in ICE enables the calculation of flows at all speedsfrontsupersonictofarsubsonic. Inaddition,theverticesofthe computing grid may be moved with the fluid in normal Lagrangian fashion or be held fixed in a Eulerian manner, or be moved in some arbitrary way togiveacontinuousrezoningcapability,asintheALEmethod. Greater distortions in the fluid motion can be handled than would be allowed by a purely Lagrangian method, and with more resolution than is afforded by a purely Eulerian method. The report describes the combined (ICED-ALE) technique in the framework of a computer program called YAQUI, for which thecompleteflowdiagramandF0RTRANindexlistingareprovided. Rep- resentative calculations illustrate some of the features of YAQUI, and include both computer-generated plots and numerical listings.

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