A MAPLE package for stochastic differential equations. The author has developed a MAPLE package containing routines which return explicit solutions of those stochastic differential equations (SDEs) dx t =a(t,x t )dt+b(t,x t )dw t. known to have such solutions, and routines which construct efficient, high-order stochastic numerical schemes. The MAPLE package, which is called ‘stochastic’, was created to fulfil a need for commands able to solve SDEs both explicitly and numerically. There had previously been no such commands in MAPLE as SDEs do not conform to the rules of deterministic calculus. The construction of higher-order schemes by hand would be a very complex and laborious task as a consequence of the repeated application of the operators L 0 =∂ ∂t+a(t,x)∂ ∂x+1 2b(t,x) 2 ∂ 2 ∂x 2 ,L 1 =b(t,x)∂ ∂x· .This paper includes stochastic numerical schemes and demonstrates procedures from the stochastic package which automate the construction of such schemes.

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