MiToBo - A Toolbox for Image Processing and Analysis. MiToBo is a toolbox and Java library for solving basic as well as advanced image processing and analysis tasks. It features a rich collection of fundamental, intermediate and high-level image processing operators and algorithms as well as a couple of sophisticated tools for specific biological and biomedical applications. These tools include operators for elucidating cellular morphology and locomotion as well as operators for the characterization of certain intracellular particles and structures. MiToBo builds upon and integrates into the widely-used image analysis software packages ImageJ and Fiji [11, 10], and all of its operators can easily be run in ImageJ and Fiji via a generic operator runner plugin. Alternatively MiToBo operators can directly be run from command line, and using its functionality as a library for developing own applications is also supported. Thanks to the Alida library [8] forming the base of MiToBo all operators share unified APIs fostering reusability, and graphical as well as command line user interfaces for operators are automatically generated. MiToBo is available from its website, on Github, via an Apache Archiva Maven repository server, and it can easily be activated in Fiji via its own update site.

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