LavaNet - Neural network development environment in a general mine planning package. LavaNet is a series of scripts written in Perl that gives access to a neural network simulation environment inside a general mine planning package. A well known and a very popular neural network development environment, the Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator, is used as the base for the development of neural networks. LavaNet runs inside VULCAN™—a complete mine planning package with advanced database, modelling and visualisation capabilities. LavaNet is taking advantage of VULCAN’s Perl based scripting environment, Lava, to bring all the benefits of neural network development and application to geologists, mining engineers and other users of the specific mine planning package. LavaNet enables easy development of neural network training data sets using information from any of the data and model structures available, such as block models and drillhole databases. Neural networks can be trained inside VULCAN™ and the results be used to generate new models that can be visualised in 3D. Direct comparison of developed neural network models with conventional and geostatistical techniques is now possible within the same mine planning software package. LavaNet supports Radial Basis Function networks, Multi-Layer Perceptrons and Self-Organised Maps.