JMT: performance engineering tools for system modeling. We present the Java Modelling Tools (JMT) suite, an integrated framework of Java tools for performance evaluation of computer systems using queueing models. The suite offers a rich user interface that simplifies the definition of performance models by means of wizard dialogs and of a graphical design workspace. The performance evaluation features of JMT span a wide range of state-of-the-art methodologies including discrete-event simulation, mean value analysis of product-form networks, analytical identification of bottleneck resources in multiclass environments, and workload characterization with fuzzy clustering. The discrete-event simulator supports several advanced modeling features such as finite capacity regions, load-dependent service times, bursty processes, fork-and-join nodes, and implements spectral estimation for analysis of simulative results. The suite is open-source, released under the GNU general public license (GPL), and it is available for free download at: