R package SensitivityCaseControl: Sensitivity Analysis for Case-Control Studies. This package performs sensitivity analysis for case-control studies in which some cases may meet a more narrow definition of being a case compared to other cases which only meet a broad definition. The sensitivity analyses are described in Small, Cheng, Halloran and Rosenbaum (2013, ”Case Definition and Sensitivity Analysis”, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 1457-1468). The functions and sens.analysis.aberrant.rank provide sensitivity analyses based on the Mantel-Haenszel test statistic and aberrant rank test statistic as described in Rosenbaum (1991, ”Sensitivity Analysis for Matched Case Control Studies”, Biometrics); see also Section 1 of Small et al. The function provides adaptive inferences as described in Section 5 of Small et al. The function adaptive.noether.brown provides a sensitivity analysis for a matched cohort study based on an adaptive test. The other functions in the package are internal functions.