iSALE (impact-SALE) is a multi-material, multi-rheology shock physics code based on the SALE hydrocode (Simplified Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian1). iSALE includes extensions, corrections and enhancements to the original SALE code made by several workers since the early 1990s. The original SALE code was capable of simulating only single-material, Newtonian-fluid flow. Melosh began improvements to the code by implementing an elasto-plastic constitutive model in tandem with the viscous model, and incorporated the Grady-Kipp fragmentation algorithm and several equations of state for impacts, including the Tillotson equation of state. Concurrently, Ivanov substantially advanced SALE’s underlying solution algorithm by incorporating free-surface and material-interface tracking in Eulerian mode, greatly improved the constitutive model by incorporating (among other things) damage accumulation and strain-weakening, and implemented into the code the semi-analytical equation of state ANEOS. The result of these endeavours was a versatile hydrocode, now known as SALEB, capable simulating impact events from first contact of the impactor with the target, to cessation of the final gravity driven collapse of the crater. ..