GridSAT: Design and implementation of a computational grid application. We present the latest instantiation of GridSAT, a distributed and complete satisfiability solver that is explicitly designed to aggregate Grid resources for application performance. GridSAT was previously shown to outperform the state-of-the-art sequential solvers. In this work, we explore the unprecedented solving power GridSAT enables through algorithmic and implementation innovations. We describe the implementation techniques that allow GridSAT to leverage a variety of high-end batch-scheduled resources, clusters, interactive workstations, and personal computing resources through autonomous scheduling, checkpoint scheduling, and work migration. These innovations have allowed GridSAT to solve a set of ‘hard’ and previously unsolved industrial and community satisfiability problems. In addition to this new solution power, GridSAT also outperforms the otherwise highest performance general solvers on the annual SAT competition performance benchmarks.

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