VANTED - Visualization and Analysis of Networks containing Experimental Data. VANTED is a Java based extendable network visualisation and analysis tool with focus on applications in the life sciences. It allows users to create and edit networks, as well as mapping experimental data onto networks. Experimental datasets can be visualized on network elements as graphical charts to show time series data or data of different treatments, as well as environmental conditions in the context of the underlying biological processes. Built-in statistical algorithms allow an easy and fast evaluation of mapped data (e.g. t-Test or correlation analysis). The functionality of VANTED can be extended by installing one or more of the provided Addons using the built-in Addon Manager. For an overview see: [here] New Addons can be developed from scratch, using built-in APIs for manipulation of networks and data. A simple step-by-step guide for developing custom Addons can be found [here]). The development of VANTED is an ongoing process and we try to fix bugs and implement new features as soon as possible. Updates will be delivered on a regular basis.

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