kPWorkbench: a software framework for kernel P systems. kPWorkbench is a software framework, developed to support the computational analysis of kernel P systems. The framework integrates a set of tools and translators that bridge several target specifications employed for kP system models, written in kP-Lingua. kPWorkbench permits simulation and formal verification of kP system models using several simulation and verification methodologies and tools. The framework features a native simulator, kPWorkbench Simulator, allowing the simulation of kP system models. In addition, it also integrates the FLAME simulator, a general purpose large scale agent based simulation environment, based on a method that allows to express kP systems as a set of communicating X-machines. kPWorkbench’s model checking environment permits the formal verification of kernel P system models. The framework supports both Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) and Computation Tree Logic (CTL) properties by making use of the SPIN and NUSMV model checkers. A property language is defined, comprising a list of natural language statements representing formal property patterns, from which the formal syntax of the SPIN and NUSMV formulas are automatically generated

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