TRONCO: an R package for the inference of cancer progression models from heterogeneous genomic data. Motivation: We introduce TRONCO (TRanslational ONCOlogy), an open-source R package that implements the state-of-the-art algorithms for the inference of cancer progression models from (epi)genomic mutational profiles. TRONCO can be used to extract population-level models describing the trends of accumulation of alterations in a cohort of cross-sectional samples, e.g., retrieved from publicly available databases, and individual-level models that reveal the clonal evolutionary history in single cancer patients, when multiple samples, e.g., multiple biopsies or single-cell sequencing data, are available. The resulting models can provide key hints in uncovering the evolutionary trajectories of cancer, especially for precision medicine or personalized therapy. Availability: TRONCO is released under the GPL license, it is hosted in the Software section at this http URL and archived also at