TexGen is open source software licensed under the General Public License developed at the University of Nottingham for modelling the geometry of textile structures. TexGen has been used by the Nottingham team as the basis of models for a variety of properties, including textile mechanics, permeability and composite mechanical behaviour. A summary of our work involving TexGen can be found on the TexGen Applications page and a list of publications using TexGen can be found on the Publications page. Please also visit the University of Nottingham Textile Composites Research website for more details about our research group. On this website you will find all the information necessary to get started with TexGen by using the sidebar for navigation. Please leave a message on the TexGen forum if you find TexGen to be a useful tool. We are very interested to hear about research conducted with TexGen. The forum is also the place to ask questions, make comments and generally discuss about TexGen with other users.

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