V/STOL Aircraft Sizing And Performance (VASCOMP II). The VASCOMP2 computer program was developed to aid in the comparative design study of V/STOL aircraft systems by rapidly providing aircraft size and mission performance data. VASCOMP2 can be used to define design requirements such as weight breakdown, required propulsive power, and physical dimensions of aircraft which are to meet specified mission requirements. The program is also useful in sensitivity studies involving both design trade-offs and performance trade-offs. Generality and flexibility were maintained during formulation of the program in order to permit an accurate simulation of virtually any V/STOL configuration. VASCOMP2 is capable of approximating the design process involved in the layout and sizing of a wide variety of V/STOL aircraft and synthesizing the performance of these aircraft. The program is intended for use in the study of V/STOL aircraft which use fixed wing lift for primary cruise flight. The program is not suited for the study of aircraft which employ rotary wing lift for forward flight. (Boeing Vertol Co. for NASA Ames) This program was released by NASA through COSMIC as ARC-11433. The italicized text above is from the official NASA release.