CharacteristicClasses -- Chern classes and other characteristic classes of subschemes of certain smooth toric varieties, including products of projective spaces. The package CharacteristicClasses provides commands to compute the Chern class, Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson class Segre class and Euler characteristic of closed subschemes of certain smooth complete varieties, including products of projective spaces ℙn1 x ... x ℙnm. In particular the methods of this package are applicable for toric varieties for which all Cartier divisors are numerically effective (nef), see [7] for details. For simplicity a method (CheckToricVarietyValid) is provided which allows the user to determine if these methods can be applied to a given object of class NormalToricVariety. Note that to perform computations involving toric varieties it is required that the package NormalToricVarieties is also loaded.

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