Giggle: a framework for constructing scalable replica location services. In wide area computing systems, it is often desirable to create remote read-only copies (replicas) of files. Replication can be used to reduce access latency, improve data locality, and/or increase robustness, scalability and performance for distributed applications. We define a replica location service (RLS) as a system that maintains and provides access to information about the physical locations of copies. An RLS typically functions as one component of a data grid architecture. This paper makes the following contributions. First, we characterize RLS requirements. Next, we describe a parameterized architectural framework, which we name Giggle (for GIGa-scale Global Location Engine), within which a wide range of RLSs can be defined. We define several concrete instantiations of this framework with different performance characteristics. Finally, we present initial performance results for an RLS prototype, demonstrating that RLS systems can be constructed that meet performance goals.

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