HelSweeper: Screw-sweeps of canal surfaces. A tube is a solid bounded by the union of a one-parameter family of circles that may be decomposed into canal-surfaces and planar disks or annuli. A screw-sweep is the region swept by a shape during a screw motion. HelSweeper computes the boundary of a screw-sweep of an arbitrary union of tubes and polyhedra. To do so, it generates a superset of faces, splits them at their intersections, and selects the face portions that form the desired boundary. The novelty of the proposed approach lies in the fact that the faces contributed to this superset by a tube are each a screw-sweeps of a rigid curve (generator), which is the locus of grazing points, and that each grazing point is formulated as the intersection of a circle of the tube with a corresponding screw-plane. Hence, each such face is a one-parameter family of helices, each being the screw-sweep of a grazing point.

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