DCVALID: A tool for modelchecking Duration Calculus Formulae. DCVALID is a program to check validity of Duration Calculus Formulae. It can be used as a tool to visualize DC specification and to check for their consistency. It can also be used in conjunction with other tools to model check DC properties of systems. Currently, systems written in SMV, Verilog VIS), ESTEREL and SPIN are supported. DCVALID is based on an automata theoretic decision procedure for Quantified Discrete-time Duration Calculus (QDDC). For every formula D, we construct a finite state automaton A(D) precisely accepting the finite state sequences satisfying D. The automaton can be used to find models and counter models, or as a synchronous observer (or monitor) for model checking. DCVALID makes use of MONA which provides efficient multi-terminal BDD based representation of automata and has implemented algorithms for operations on automata such as product, projection, determinisation and minimisation.

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