Reference Manual of the LNT to LOTOS Translator. This report defines the LNT language, which is a simplified variant of E-LOTOS (International Standard ISO-15437:2001). In a nutshell, LNT provides the same expressiveness as LOTOS, but has more user-friendly and regular notations borrowed from imperative and functional programming languages. In particular, unlike LOTOS, the data type and process parts of LNT share many similar constructs, leading to a more uniform and easy-to-learn language than LOTOS. This report defines the syntax, static semantics, and dynamic semantics of LNT, and presents its associated tools: the LPP preprocessor, the LNT2LOTOS translator, and the LNT.OPEN script that interfaces with the OPEN/CAESAR framework so as to enable LNT specifications to be analyzed using the CADP toolbox.