EnKF-The Ensemble Kalman Filter The EnKF is a sophisticated sequental data assimilation method. It applies an ensemble of model states to represent the error statistics of the model estimate, it applies ensemble integrations to predict the error statistics forward in time, and it uses an analysis scheme which operates directly on the ensemble of model states when observations are assimilated. The EnKF has proven to efficiently handle strongly nonlinear dynamics and large state spaces and is now used in realistic applications with primitive equation models for the ocean and atmosphere. A recent article in the Siam News Oct. 2003 by Dana McKenzie suggests that the killer heat wave that hit Central Europe in the summer 2003 could have been more efficiently forecast if the EnKF had been used by Meteorological Centers. See the article ”Ensemble Kalman Filters Bring Weather Models Up to Date” on http://www.siam.org/siamnews/10-03/tococt03.htm This page is established as a reference page for users of the EnKF, and it contains documentation, example codes, and standardized Fortran 90 subroutines which can be used in new implementations of the EnKF. The material on this page will provide new users of the EnKF with a quick start and spinup, and experienced users with optimized code which may increase the performence of their implementations.

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