XBraid: Parallel Time Integration with Multigrid. Scientists at LLNL have developed an open source, non-intrusive, and general purpose parallel-in-time code, XBraid. A few important points about XBraid are as follows: The algorithm enables a scalable parallel-in-time approach by applying multigrid to the time dimension. It is designed to be nonintrusive. That is, users apply their existing sequential time-stepping code according to our interface, and then XBraid does the rest. Users have spent years, sometimes decades, developing the right time-stepping scheme for their problem. XBraid allows users to keep their schemes, but enjoy parallelism in the time dimension. XBraid solves exactly the same problem that the existing sequential time-stepping scheme does. XBraid is flexible, allowing for a variety of time stepping, relaxation, and temporal and spatial coarsening options. The full approximation scheme multigrid approach is used to accommodate nonlinear problems. XBraid written in MPI/C with C++ and Fortran 90 interfaces. XBraid is released under LGPL 2.1.

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