PALM. Practical approach to a language for modeling. Nowadays one can find many different mathematical programming packages on the market. Unfortunately, most of the package development focuses on the number of variables and constraints the packages can solve rather than constructing the models which have to be solved. PALM is developed to fulfill the increasing need of having a powerful modeling language. With PALM one can generate mathematical programming models with clear and strong statements which directly correspond to the concepts of the formulation of a mathematical model. PALM generates output in MPSX, SAS- OR, PC-PROG, LINDO or any other desirable format. Moreover, some interface modules are added to PALM so that MPSX, SAS-OR, LOTUS-123, PC- PROG or LINDO formated models can be converted to any desirable format. In this way a transparent environment of constructing mathematical programming models is created in which the choice of the actual optimization code is less important.

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