This paper deals with presentation of a new library, called Dynamic Link Library for Statistical Analysis (DLLSA), that can be used as a statistical engine or utilized by existing general statistical software such as SAS, SPSS and S. A DLL contains one or more functions that are compiled, linked and stored separately from the applications using them. DLLs can be accessed by any software if such software has the facility to call functions or subroutines in DLLs. The source code for DLLs can be written in several programming languages, such as Basic, C/C++, Fortran and Pascal. Each statistical method included in the library includes not only the DLL file, but also the manual and sample files for using the DLL. DLLSA provides a statistical engine that satisfies the general user, yet leaves the interface up to the user. An example of Excel interface for cluster analysis is presented.

Keywords for this software

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