Material point method (NairnMPM) and finite element analysis (NairnFEA) open-source software. NairnFEA is the open-source code engines engine in this package for doing finite element analysis calculations. It is object-oriented C++ code that can run on many platforms. The main calculations are parallel code. You run calculations by creating Input Files for FEA Calculations. Once the calculations are done, you have a variety of options for visualizing and analyzing the output. NairnFEA does only 2D, linear elastic, static finite element analysis. Some of its features are (click each link for details): Plane strain, plain stress, and axisymmetric calculations; Support multiple types of elements; Can model both isotropic and anisotropic materials; Can create a mesh from a digital image; Can create a mesh with shape commands; Can model true periodic boundary conditions; Several options for modeling cracks and doing fracture mechanics calculations; Can model imperfect interfaces in composite materials; Can calculate thermal residual stresses.

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