FPTuner is a rigorous tool for automatic precision-tuning of real valued expressions. FPTuner generates a mixed-precision allocation (single, double, or quadruple precision) on a given input domain that is guaranteed to have error below a given threshold. In addition to precision-tuning, FPTuner also allows users to control precision allocation in ways that helps optimize code. As two examples, it allows users to control the maximum number of type-casts introduced during precision allocation. Capping the number of type-casts can help reduce the associated overheads. FPTuner allows users to group (”gang”) expressions (typically similar expression) and force the principal operators of these expressions to share the same precision allocation. Doing so encourages the compiler to do vectorization. For further details of FPTuner, please consult our paper. The rest of this file will guide you through FPTuner’s installations. A more comprehensive reference manual of FPTuner is situated at Reference.md. This reference manual describes FPTuner’s flags in detail. The flags include basic flags (error threshold allowed, precision choices available) and allocation-controlling flags (fix the number of type-casts, gang expressions, etc.)

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