Painless: a framework for parallel SAT solving. Over the last decade, parallel SAT solving has been widely studied from both theoretical and practical aspects. There are now numerous solvers that differ by parallelization strategies, programming languages, concurrent programming, involved libraries, etc.{par}Hence, comparing the efficiency of the theoretical approaches is a challenging task. Moreover, the introduction of a new approach needs either a deep understanding of the existing solvers, or to start from scratch the implementation of a new tool.{par}We present PaInleSS: a framework to build parallel SAT solvers for many-core environments. Thanks to its genericity and modularity, it provides the implementation of basics for parallel SAT solving like clause exchanges, portfolio and divide and conquer strategies. It also enables users to easily create their own parallel solvers based on new strategies. Our experiments show that our framework compares well with some of the best state-of-the-art solvers.