GAMS/BDMLP is a LP and MIP solver that comes for free with any GAMS system. It is intended for small to medium sized models. GAMS/BDMLP was originally developed at the World Bank by T. Brooke, A. Drud, and A. Meeraus and is now maintained by GAMS Development Corp. The MIP part was added by M. Bussieck and A. Drud. GAMS/BDMLP runs on all platforms for which GAMS is available. GAMS/BDMLP can solve reasonably sized LP models as long as the models are not very degenerate and are well scaled. The Branch-and-Bound algorithm for solving MIP is not in the same league as other commercial MIP codes that are hooked up to GAMS. Nevertheless, the MIP part of GAMS/BDMLP provides free access to a MIP solver that supports all of the discrete variable types supported by GAMS: Binary, Integer, Semicont, Semiint, Sos1, Sos2.