Murphi Model Checker. The Murphi tool was originally developed by Professor David Dill’s group at Stanford. It is an enumerative (explicit state) model checker, with its own input language (also called Murphi) which is a guard -> action notation similar to Unity, which are repeatedely executed in an infinite loop. The Murphi language contains support for familiar data types for programmers (subranges, enumerated types, arrays, and records), as well as more advanced types such as the multiset, or scalarset. Murphi has a formal verifier that is based on explicit state enumeration, which can be performed as a depth-first or breadth-first search of the state space. States encountered in this mode are saved in a hash table. States generated that exist in the hash table are not expanded. Murphi is still widely used, especially by the Microprocessor industry, to verify cache coherence protocols. Many versions of Murphi have since been developed both by this group and others. This page contains a description of the various versions of Murphi that have been developed over the years as well as download links. The version of Murphi described herein may have slightly altered functionality than the desription above, which mainly describes the original (standard) Murphi.

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