BuildingTcl is a library of Tcl procedures (commands) used to build a database for numerical simulation of building frames. Structural materials, sections, elements, models, analyses, loads and load combinations created in this database. Structural models can be Elevations, Plans, or 3DModels, which combine elevations and plans. Procedures are included to perform the numerical simulation using OpenSees. The OpenSees recorder data is post-processed into more accessible format. BuildingTclViewer is a Tcl/Tk widget (program) that provides a graphical user interface to create the BuildingTcl database interactively, run the numerical simulations using OpenSees interactively, and view the results interactively. The user can: build a simulation-model library via scripting modules or interactively; run simulations via scripting; modules or interactively; visualize real-time structural response during numerical simulation; visualize results interactively. While BuildingTcl and BuildingTclViewer were developed on a Windows platform, they can be made to work on other platforms, even Mac.

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