GAMA 1.6: Advancing the art of complex agent-based modeling and simulation. Agent-based models tend to be more and more complex. In order to cope with this increase of complexity, powerful modeling and simulation tools are required. These last years have seen the development of several platforms dedicated to the development of agent-based models. While some of them are still limited to the development of simple models, others allow to develop rich and complex models. Among them, the GAMA modeling and simulation platform is aimed at supporting the design of spatialized, multiple-paradigms and multiple-scales models. Several papers have already introduced GAMA, notably in earlier PRIMA conferences, and we would like, in this paper, to introduce the new features provided by GAMA 1.6, the latest revision to date of the platform. In particular, we present its capabilities concerning the tight combination of 3D visualization, GIS data management, and multi-level modeling. In addition, we present some examples of real projects that rely on GAMA to develop complex models.

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