Cinegen: a Rapid Prototyping Tool for Robot Manipulators. CINEGEN is a Virtual Reality based system for the rapid design, prototyping and simulation of robot manipula- tors. With CINEGEN, users provide a text description of a manipulator and a numerical algorithm automatically computes the inverse kinematics. This algorithm is capa- ble of handling serial, parallel and hybrid manipulator structures. Using CINEGEN, the user can directly interact with a graphical manipulator: he can define tasks in Cartesian space and the program generates real time inverse kine- matics to show the behaviour of the robot. Graphical in- formation representing internal parameters (speeds, torques, accelerations) help the user to understand robot problems and optimise the design. Additionally, to en- hance the intuitive interaction with the software interface, a new type of 3D mechanical device with force feedback is being developed. This interface is currently being used by EPFL-ISR (Lausanne, Switzerland) and NASA Ames (Moffet Field, California) to control several manipulators as well as to prototype new designs.