ARIAL: Rapid prototyping for mixed and parallel platforms. The aim of this work is the achievement of a rapid prototyping process for the implementation of digital image processing applications on mixed and parallel architectures. The target platforms are made up of one multi-DSP part (software) and FPGA (dedicated hardware). This prototyping process includes the SynDEx tool as a low level tool to generate an optimized and distributed executive according to the platform. We propose to use as front-end tool a higher-level environment, Ptolemy, dedicated to the functional visualization and verification of signal or image-processing applications. An automatic translator is created to constitute the link between Ptolemy and SynDEx removing henceforth the manual translation stage. As a result, a signal-processing designer develops complex applications at a high level and can put the implementation on a complex architecture without any h! ardware pre-requirements. The prototyping process becomes fast and secured and the digital image-processing designer manages the whole development process and can easily achieve possible modifications. Currently ARIAL is a unique automatic prototyping process, which uses a functional description, for the implementation of applications on a multi-DSP+FPGA architecture.

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