CREATE-NL+: a robust control-oriented free boundary dynamic plasma equilibrium solver. CREATE-NL+ is a FEM (Finite Elements Method) solver of the free boundary dynamic plasma equilibrium problem, i.e. the MHD (Magneto Hydro Dynamics) time evolution of 2D axisymmetric plasmas in toroidal nuclear fusion devices, including eddy currents in the passive structures, and feedback control laws for current, position and shape control. This is an improved version of the CREATE-NL code developed in 2002 which was validated on JET and used for the design of the XSC (eXtreme Shape Controller), and for simulation studies on many existing and future tokamaks. A significant improvement was the use of a robust numerical scheme for the calculation of the Jacobian matrix within the Newton based scheme for the solution of the FEM nonlinear algebraic equations. The improved capability of interfacing with other codes, and a general decrease of the computational burden for the simulation of long pulses with small time steps makes this code a flexible tool for the design and testing of magnetic control in a tokamak.

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