iOverbook: intelligent resource-overbooking to support soft real-time applications in the cloud. Cloud service providers (CSPs) often overbook their resources with user applications despite having to maintain service-level agreements with their customers. Overbooking is attractive to CSPs because it helps to reduce power consumption in the data center by packing more user jobs in less number of resources while improving their profits. Overbooking becomes feasible because user applications tend to overestimate their resource requirements utilizing only a fraction of the allocated resources. Arbitrary resource overbooking ratios, however, may be detrimental to soft real-time applications, such as airline reservations or Netflix video streaming, which are increasingly hosted in the cloud. The changing dynamics of the cloud preclude an offline determination of overbooking ratios. To address these concerns, this paper presents iOverbook, which uses a machine learning approach to make systematic and online determination of overbooking ratios such that the quality of service needs of soft real-time systems can be met while still benefiting from overbooking. Specifically, iOverbook utilizes historic data of tasks and host machines in the cloud to extract their resource usage patterns and predict future resource usage along with the expected mean performance of host machines. To evaluate our approach, we have used a large usage trace made available by Google of one of its production data centers. In the context of the traces, our experiments show that iOverbook can help CSPs improve their resource utilization by an average of 12.5% and save 32% power in the data center.