BZIP2SMP. This program parallelizes the BZIP2 compression process to achieve a near-linear performance increase on SMP machines. On a two-processor Xeon machine, the speedup is around 180%. The tool’s main purpose is to aid performing heavy-duty server backups. It can also be used on modern desktop multicore processors (AMD Athlon64 X2, Intel Pentium D etc). There is NO speedup coming from hyperthreading on the hyperthreaded machines, since hyperthreads don’t have dedicated caches, and the bzip2 is very cache-dependent. Expect degraded performance if you try utilizing hyperthreads. The compression process requires more memory than the normal bzip2 -- some 15Mb average for 2 CPUs, 30Mb for 4 CPUs, etc. This should not pose any problem on a typical memory-rich server/workstation hardware, though. The resulting archives are bit-by-bit identical to the ones produced by the normal bzip2, at least as of version 1.0.2. No decompression is supported. The compression is stdin-to-stdout only. ..

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