MiniSearch: A solver-independent meta-search language for MiniZinc. Much of the power of CP comes from the ability to create complex hybrid search algorithms specific to an application. Unfortunately there is no widely accepted standard for specifying search, and each solver typically requires detailed knowledge in order to build complex searches. This makes the barrier to entry for exploring different search methods quite high. Furthermore, search is a core part of the solver and usually highly optimised. Any imposition on the solver writer to change this part of their system is significant. In this paper we investigate how powerful we can make a uniform language for meta-search without placing any burden on the solver writer. The key to this is to only interact with the solver when a solution is found. We present MINISEARCH, a meta-search language that can directly use any FLATZINC solver. Optionally, it can interact with solvers through an efficient C++ API. We illustrate the expressiveness of the language and performance using different solvers on a number of examples

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