gluepy: A simple distributed python programming framework for complex grid environments. Problem-solving frameworks in large-scale and wide-area environments must handle connectivity issues (NATs and firewalls), maintain scalability with respect to connection management, accommodate dynamic processes joining/leaving at runtime, and provide simple means to tolerate communication/node failures. All of the above must be presented in a simple and flexible programming model. This paper designs and implements such a framework by minimally extending distributed object-oriented models for maximum generality and flexibility. To make parallelism manageable, we introduce an implicit serialization semantics on objects to relieve programmers from explicit synchronization, while avoiding the recursion deadlock problems from which some models based on active objects suffer. We show how this design nicely incorporate dynamically joining processes. In our implementation, participating nodes automatically construct a TCP overlay so as to address connectivity and scalability issues. We have implemented our framework, gluepy as a library for Python. For evaluation, we show on over 900 cores across 9 clusters with complex networks (involving NATs and firewalls) and process managements (involving SSH, torque, and SGE) configurations, how a simple branch-and-bound search application can be expressed simply and executed easily.

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  1. Hironaka, Ken; Saito, Hideo; Takahashi, Kei; Taura, Kenjiro: gluepy: A simple distributed python programming framework for complex grid environments (2008) ioport