S-exp-based XML parsing/query/conversion. This project offers tools to inter-convert between an angular-bracket and a more efficient S-expression-based notations for markup documents, and to manipulate and query xML data in Scheme. The main components of the project are SSAX, SXML, SXPath, and SXSLT. A SSAX functional XML parsing framework consists of a DOM/SXML parser, a SAX parser, and a supporting library of lexing and parsing procedures. The procedures in the package can be used separately to tokenize or parse various pieces of XML documents. The framework supports XML Namespaces, character, internal and external parsed entities, attribute value normalization, processing instructions and CDATA sections. The package includes a semi-validating SXML parser: a DOM-mode parser that is an instantiation of a SAX parser (called SSAX). SSAX is a full-featured, algorithmically optimal, pure-functional parser, which can act as a stream processor. SSAX is an efficient SAX parser that is easy to use. SSAX minimizes the amount of application-specific state that has to be shared among user-supplied event handlers. SSAX makes the maintenance of an application-specific element stack unnecessary, which eliminates several classes of common bugs. SSAX is written in a pure-functional subset of Scheme. Therefore, the event handlers are referentially transparent, which makes them easier for a programmer to write and to reason about. The more expressive, reliable and easier to use application interface for the event-driven XML parsing is the outcome of implementing the parsing engine as an enhanced tree fold combinator, which fully captures the control pattern of the depth-first tree traversal. SXML is an abstract syntax tree of an XML document. SXML is also a concrete representation of the XML Infoset in the form of S-expressions. SXSLT is a manipulation language for XML and SXPath is an XPath-conforming XML query language. Both languages internally rely on SXML as a representation of the XML Infoset.

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