BiELL: A bisection ELLPACK-based storage format for optimizing SpMV on GPUs. Sparse matrix–vector multiplication (SpMV) is one of the most important high level operations for basic linear algebra. Nowadays, the GPU has evolved into a highly parallel coprocessor which is suited to compute-intensive, highly parallel computation. Achieving high performance of SpMV on GPUs is relatively challenging, especially when the matrix has no specific structure. For these general sparse matrices, a new data structure based on the bisection ELLPACK format, BiELL, is designed to realize the load balance better, and thus improve the performance of the SpMV. Besides, based on the same idea of JAD format, the BiJAD format can be obtained. Experimental results on various matrices show that the BiELL and BiJAD formats perform better than other similar formats, especially when the number of non-zero elements per row varies a lot.

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