For applications using solid B-Rep data, the two things users demand most are accuracy and robustness. Without accuracy, operations fail and models are no longer useful downstream. But absolute accuracy is only the initial requirement. Users also expect applications to handle challenging modeling operations, even when dealing with complex shapes. Siemens’ Parasolid® software is the world’s leading geometric modeler because it delivers both extreme accuracy and unmatched robustness. Even better, Parasolid now bridges the gap between solid and mesh-based worlds. New Convergent Modeling™ is a single geometric modeling component with a unified set of modeling functions for facet models and classic B-Reps. Products such as NX and Solid Edge from Siemens, SOLIDWORKS from Dassault Systèmes, Workbench from ANSYS and the Delcam family of CAM applications all depend on Parasolid to handle their serious modeling needs. You, your development team and your users can depend on it just as confidently.